I have learnt the hard way how important it is to plan smoke flare/grenade photoshoot on a day with no wind…I think you all can imagine what happens when it is windy: the smoke disintegrates so fast that you won’t see the smoke column, it will be just a colourful misty mess, as you can see in picture 1 below.

Purple smoke flare photography Portsmouth

Photo 2 was taken on a day when we had virtually no wind: you can see the smoke column, however the smoke disintegrated too fast to surround the model.

The best portraits were taken on the same day (no wind), however we moved to be partially shielded. You can see that there is a wall behind the model with very shallow alcove in it. The model moved to be about 1 meter away from the wall, she first filled the space behind her with the smoke and it stayed there for a few seconds, long enough to capture those photos.

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