What you wear in your photoshoot is as important as the location and poses. Think of it as a recipe that in order for it to come together beautifully, all the ingredients need to go with each other. You want your clothes to add to the overall feel of the photo, not detract from it.

Heart fun friends summer portrait session at Southsea beach

Be yourself

You want the photos to reflect the true you. I find that the best photos are always of clients that felt comfortable and confident. When you are feeling like this outfit/make up/hairdo is not really you, it will translate through the lens.

Choose clothes that flatter your shape and fit you well. If you are planning on buying a new outfit for your photos, I recommend to wear it out a few times before the actual photoshoot to avoid any feelings of discomfort and regret.

Consider the occasion, location and mood

Your clothes should reflect the mood you are creating in your photo. You would choose a completely different outfit for a relaxed family seaside portrait to a neon light urban engagement photo.

Think of the practicality. Are you or your kids planning to sit down in the sand or grass, will you get wet (sea or puddles), will you be in the sun, could the weather change while at the photoshoot?

I recommend a change of clothing for kids, especially if the risk that they will get wet or dirty is high. A hairbrush, hair scrunchie and hair pins to hold a hat down are invaluable in windy weather. Also, lip balm or lipstick to keep the lips fresh throughout the photoshoot.

Keep it simple

Think muted solid colours instead of busy patterns, bold ‘screaming’ colours and logos. Neutrals and earthy colours like green, maroon, navy, burnt orange look timeless. Crisp white and light colours look fresh. Choose colours that compliment your skin tone and hair colour as well as the overall feel and mood of the photo.

To add dimension, use layers and accessories. These are also great for a quick wardrobe change, without actually changing clothes, for variety in your photos.

Relaxed and natural, yet smart

I recommend a shirt or a blouse instead of a T-shirt, chinos and smart looking jeans instead of baggy jeans or jogging bottoms, shoes instead of trainers. It is easier to tone down smart attire, for example by unbuttoning the top few buttons, rolling up sleeves and trousers, than to smarten up casual clothing.

Coordinate, don’t match

Family portraits, engagement photos, and other photos with more than one person look the best if they all look cohesive, however not matching (with the exception of small children). Think about the style, colours and materials. Often it helps to put one outfit together and then use the colours to inspire the other outfits.

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